Monday, September 02, 2013

"Bomber" Billy Kristol, Again

I really don't care that Billy Kristol wants interventions to stop tinpot dictators from doing terrible things.

But I think Billy should send himself and his own family for a change, particularly when there is zero/zilch/nada US interest at stake.

Note carefully:  the writer that Kristol endorses does not provide one teeny-tiny bit of evidence that there are "US interests" at stake.  None.

The poor babbling professor, instead, tells us that blood and treasure should be spent because it's important that Obozo retains credibility in the world.

Does this poor fool think--for one second--that Obozo HAS credibility with the rest of the world?


Anonymous said...

Kristol wants to show Iran that the US has a big dick.

Anonymous said...

The Road to Tehran must go through Damascus since Baghdad turned out to be a dead end. We cannot trigger the End Times until we get all the players mentioned in eschatological scripture together for the Big Bang. Isn't this what you want?

Art Deco said...

William Kristol is 60, rather beyond military age. He was eligible for conscription during the calendar year 1972; about 49,000 young men were drafted that year (out of a male age cohort of 1.9 million). Kristol's lottery number was 171, so he was not going to be called up.

Two of his three children are daughters. I believe the 2d Lieut. profiled in this story

is Dr. Kristol's son.