Saturday, September 21, 2013

FedGov Background Screens: Inmates/Asylum!!

It's already obvious that the Feds (actually, their contractor) are incompetent boobs with background checks.  Think Alexis and Snowden (and perhaps several hundred TSA agents.)

(Are there even more of these semi-psychotics or petty criminals employed by the Feds?  You won't know until it's far too late.) 

Anyhow, there's more.  The Feds sue private employers for screening under 'disproportionate effect' theory, right?

....the federal government screens applicants for employment. And given the size of its workforce and the disproportionate representation of Blacks among those with prior criminal convictions, the government’s screening for criminal convictions surely excludes Blacks from employment disproportionately.

Accordingly, when employers are sued by the government over background checking, they seek to discover how the government used background checks. The government, for its part, fights like hell to prevent such discovery.

Blatant Statist hypocrisy.

And even more!!

...One thing we’ve learned is that the background check of Alexis was performed by the same outfit that checked up on Edward Snowden. In both cases, the work was performed by a contractor, USIS.
Indeed, according to this report from Bloomberg, no company does more U.S. government background checks than USIS. Pursuant to a $253 million contract from the Office of Personnel Management, USIS performed about two-thirds of background investigations done by contractors and more than half of all those performed by the U.S. personnel office.

But USIS is itself under investigation — criminal investigation, according to Sen. Claire McCaskill. And even assuming that it has not committed any crimes (as we should at this stage), the security experts Bloomberg contacted agree that USIS is cutting corners due to the sheer volume of investigations it conducts....

So.  If you're a loony-tune, or have a few problems with law enforcement in your background, it's obvious:  pursue a job with the Feds!!

We're now seeing it:  the inmates actually DO run the asylum.

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Saint Revolution said...

"...USIS is cutting corners due to THE SHEER VOLUME of investigations it conducts..."

" If you're a loony-tune, or have a few problems with law enforcement in your background, it's obvious: pursue a job with the Feds!!..."

Hiring gobs more unproductive government parasites.

Yet, a D.C. insider waxes TRUTH :
"...I can tell you that I have never heard anyone inside the bubble I'm living in -not once - express any concern over longer-term unemployment, and I have a lot of friends here. The attitude increasingly is "well, I've got a job, and there are so many jobs around this town, so if someone can't get a job in Kansas City or Dallas or Phoenix or Buffalo, they must be doing something wrong". No one cares. So if you are holding out some hope that your government is about to come and save you, think again. It's not that one party is being held back from doing the right thing for you by the evil other party - nobody here cares on either side. It's not even on the radar. Not in the free political papers by the light rail stop, not in conversations, not on blogs, not anywhere. They don't care about you. Burn those words into your memory..."

Saint Revolution said...

Pubic (feh!)ctor is the mentally ill broken bent narcissistic sociopathic juvenile delinquent criminal with complete contempt for its BOSS PARENT private sector US citizen taxpayer.

Pubic serpents have no hesitation in biting the hand that feeds.

Government is a sick dog that needs to be euthanized, put down, and put out of its misery.

Revolutionary Frontierism Americanization and volunteer lottery-jury extremely limited citizens governments...federal, state, and local.

Saint Revolution said...

Amazing visionary research and insight from 1961.

HINT: not only has nothing changed but the criminal statists have become viciously, vehemently, and violently covertly and overtly worse.

The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot - Gutenberg HTML

The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot - Gutenberg page

The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot - Gutenberg files index

Anonymous said...

"Pubic (feh!)ctor is the mentally ill broken bent narcissistic sociopathic juvenile delinquent criminal with complete contempt for its BOSS PARENT private sector US citizen taxpayer."

It looks like they've restored the Internet connection at the upstate nervous hospital.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think they get internet access from 1-4am on a Saturday night. Because that's when most people are thinking rationally.

Grim said...

The article doesn't mention the time frame problem. Let's say you want to hire someone and put him in a job that requires a TS/SCI security clearance. That means you have to perform a very thorough investigation into his background. There's not really a good way to shorten the time this takes: adding more investigators just creates confusion, and you have to try to put it all together at some point.

But once the investigation is finished, you need someone in the government to bless off on the conclusions. That someone is very often one of the DOD CAF sections.

At AFCAF (Air Force CAF), which handles all the CENTCOM clearances, just the part where they "adjudicate" your clearance -- AFTER the investigation is finished -- the average wait is between six months and a year, depending on whether there are complicating factors. So if your investigation was completely clean, it still takes six or eight months to process the approval simply because there are so many being processed.

Bureaucracies entail problems like this, but it's a pretty serious one. I'm sure USIS is in fact under tremendous pressure to cut corners from military units associated with CENTCOM, because they need these people in jobs in order to fight the war(s) and there's still a minimum six-month wait once the investigation is complete. Of course there's pressure to please get it done.

If Congress wants to fix it, the place to start is trying to ensure there are adequate resources to process the backlog -- and the military taking another look at just how much data really needs to be classified TS/SCI. But that second part is harder now than ever, because after Snowden and Manning the idea of lowering classification levels (so that more and more potential "whistleblowers" can see it) is going to be highly unattractive.