Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Legacy of the Bush Family

You got the Old Man witnessing some gay "marriage."

You got the Floriduh one pushing some "education" program that doesn't educate.

And you have Dubya--the proto-tyrannist.

One of the documents released by Edward Snowden was the NSA Inspector General’s report on Stellar Wind. Before the Snowden leak, many believed that James Comey, then deputy attorney general and now the director of the FBI, was a hero because, in 2004, he concluded that one component of Stellar Wind was illegal. This prompted White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez to rush to the hospital bed of an ailing Attorney General, John Ashcroft, who also refused to authorize the program. But as Bamford noted, we know from Snowden’s disclosures that when Comey and Ashcroft refused to sign off, NSA director Michael Hayden, under White House pressure, decided to continue the Internet and telephone eavesdropping program anyway. Eventually, in 2011, the Obama NSA shut down the Internet metadata surveillance program, concluding that it couldn’t be authorized under existing law. But it continued to collect telephone metadata, legalistically justifying it under the “business records” provision of the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

Obozo found that to be just fine!

....The Obama administration’s White paper justifying the mass telephone surveillance was flimsy and weak. But it was less cursory than the FISA Court opinion, which breezily upheld the telephone surveillance program without even considering the strongest constitutional and statutory arguments on the other side....

Believe it or not, ObozoCare is a flyspeck compared to this.

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Saint Revolution said...

Meanwhile, back at the bat-crap-crazy-and-corrupt IRS cave:
Lois Lerner’s "Punishment": Retirement With Full Pension .

America...get fucked and then get fucked again by the original fuckers.

How much more ya gonna take, Mom and Pop?