Monday, September 23, 2013

Po' Jerry Bott. He Don't Know How It Works

Jerry Bott ranted for quite some time this afternoon telling the (fewer and fewer) who would listen the very tired Pubbie Lie:  that the (R)'s only control one-half of one-third of the Gummint, so it's hopeless to actually vote on principle and besides we voted FORTY TIMES* and didn't get anywhere and we really like our perks and pensions and bennies which you serfs won't get and ...;..and.....and blablabahhhhhblahhh.

Jerry also forgot one FAR more important fact:  ObozoCare is designed to fail--so that Obozo and the cabal in the District of Criminals can re-write it to single payer.

*Forty utterly meaningless votes which were never attached to anything more important than selecting a National Hangnail Day.

It's bad enough that Jerry reads Ryan's talking points over the air.

It's very, very disappointing that Jerry forgot the reason that Obozo WANTS it to fail.  

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Anonymous said...

Keep digging. There's oil down there somewhere.