Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fact-Vacuum: MSM on Nutbag at Navy Yard

They reported that there were two shooters.


They reported that the shooter used an AR-15.


They (CNN) also reported that the shooter used an AR-15 shotgun.

Head-bang woops.

What they have NOT reported on is this:  how did a damn-near-certified loony obtain "Secret" clearance and a job with a Federal subcontractor?  A loony who also had a violent past and "anger management" issues...

And how did the Navy manage to avoid giving him a DD?

Those items are of vital interest and importance.

(Of course, eliminating damn-near-certified-loonies with anger management issues might eliminate 60% of Congress.

And that is a bad thing....how?)


Tim Morrissey said...

40 years of working in nooz have taught me that the first reports are ALWAYS wrong. The investigators told the noozies the loony had an AR-15; they reported it and attributed it. Don't blame the media on that one. The investigators also told noozies there were likely 2 or 3 shooters. Again, reported and attributed. So the national media are learning slowly to go back to basics and attribute their information, rather than breathlessly shouting 'CNN HAS LEARNED.....'

But the AR-15 Shotgun thing? That's sheer stupidity, the sort of thing that saps your credibility. Like the CNN reporterette who, for the first two days of Sandy Hook, kept calling the damn thing a "brushmaster".

Anonymous said...

Too bad nobody ever did anything about assault donuts. Otherwise Tim might be able to shop for pants at regular stores, not the big and fat stores.