Thursday, September 26, 2013

Podhoretz Whistling Past Our Graveyard

Podhoretz has a column out today (NY Post, IIRC) in which he first praises Cruz, then slaps him for being principled, because elections!

Other pundits and politicians of the Surrender Monkey persuasion are saying the same thing--some without any praise for Cruz whatsoever.

But I've made this point, and now someone else makes it again.

Dan Liljenquist, a former candidate for senator, believes as much as 10 times as many companies as predicted will shift employees to the exchanges, resulting in trillions of dollars in expenses on the already cumbersome federal balance sheet:
“Americans will soon find themselves “shopping” for health insurance in a market where every product is nearly identical and every price resolves towards the mean. The next step will be a government insurance option.
Yup.  The damn thing is designed. to. fail. so that when the Surrender Monkey Party loses again--and they will--it will become single-payer.  Then there will be no chance whatsoever to take it off the books.

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