Thursday, September 19, 2013

DeSantis/Vitter: Where's the House Vote? Where's Duffy??

Rep. DeSantis and Sen. Vitter (supported by RoJo!! kudos!!) have proposed legislation which would put Congresscritters and their staffers on the same playing field as lunchbucket American workers when it comes to ObozoCare.

A little history:

...Until now, members of Congress received a 75 percent subsidy funded by taxpayers to enroll in the Federal Health Benefits Program. Signing up for Obamacare will cost them thousands of dollars because the law does not entitle anyone earning $174,000 (base salary for Congress) to get a subsidy. Yikes! Congress doesn’t think the Affordable Care Act is affordable for them.

Just before Congress’ August recess, Republican and Democratic leaders, including House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, pressed President Obama to do something. Ignoring the fact that the president has no constitutional authority to change the law and arrange for a subsidy that will cost taxpayers at least $55 million a year, members of Congress put their self-interest first.

The president complied and weaseled an illegal arrangement with the Office of Personnel Management to award members of Congress and their staff a 75 percent subsidy to pay for their own Obamacare health plans. It’s in a new official OPM ruling.

DeSantis, Vitter, & Co. want to reverse this Ruling Class crap.  (Where's Rep. Duffy??)

Just as a reminder, Rep. Duffy and his pals get a few perks with the $174K/year salary:

....private elevators, private gyms, free parking at airports and large office budgets. When a member or former member dies, even of old age, the family is awarded the member’s salary for a year....

Not to mention the on-staff/in-the-building doctors who provide typical general practitioner services for a very, very, very small co-pay of $5.00/visit.

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