Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yes, Virginia, There IS a Strategy

Yes, Cruz thought this out.  Yes, it is a strategy.

And if there are no more than five Surrender Monkey (R) types--not a bet you'd like to make--ObozoCare will be defunded.  Of course, there's the Reid shut-down of Gummint, but that's Harry's problem, no?

...Cruz said all the GOP needs on Friday is 41 votes of the GOP’s 46 senators, and that if the no vote on cloture succeeds, the Senate will simply continue to debate the bill. That in turn will begin to put serious pressure on Democrats from red states who are up for election in 2014.

The Texan said that he saw the Obamacare battle as a three stage fight:
  1. The creation of the website Don’t Fund It! (link here) was first. The site’s petition now has over 1.8 million signatories to senators, as well as supplying the direct line phone numbers for each of the 100 senators.
  2. The House had to act, which it has now done. Cruz noted that the Washington conventional wisdom was that the House Republicans would never vote to defund Obamacare — and the conventional wisdom was wrong.
  3. Unite Senate Republicans and then pick off Democrats. “Until we unite the Republicans,” Cruz said, it will be difficult to pick off Democrats.
If the Reid cloture vote is defeated, “then the House can stand its ground” and pass smaller CR’s (Continuing Resolutions) that fund specific sections of the government — and Cruz’s suggestion was the very thing to be funded should be the military.

Of course, the House could *cough* refuse to fund ObozoCare again.

Think Boehner's man enough?  Cantor?  Ryan?  Muscle-Boy from Obey's district?

Oh--let's not forget:  because elections, not principles, right?

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Tim Morrissey said...

Your fourth sentence.

If Newt didn't shut down the gummint, Reid can't either.

It will be Obama.

Thus sprach Dad29.