Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The House Pubbies' Border "Security" Laugher

Hoooboy.  The Republicans came up with another pile of foofoodust and call it "security." 

We are reminded of "Every Child a Federal Captive" and "Democracy for All in the Middle East!!", not to mention "Bail Out Bankers for Their Own Good!!!"

Not everyone agrees that HR 1413 is worth a bucket of warm spit. 

See what you think:

[It would]:  require DHS to regularly report on the status of operational control of the U.S. Borders, which will be verified by the GAO;

require DHS to submit a plan to gain operational control (90% effectiveness rate) of the high traffic areas of the border within 5 years, including the implementation plan and various metrics which will be reported on by the GAO;

require DHS to submit a plan to implement a biometric exit system at ports of entry. If the Secretary determines such a plan is not feasible, he or she may submit an alternative plan to achieve the same level of security

(Current law requires a biometric exit system and does NOT allow 'feasibility' horsehockey exceptions.)

Looks like DHS "planners" win a multi-year contract.  "Do-ers"?  Not so much.

(NumbersUSA provided the material in blue above.)

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