Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why No ObozoWar in Syria?

The glitterati pundits are convinced that Kerry's stupidity--and Putin's cunning--were the proximate cause of  Obozo's calling-off of his teeny, tiny, missile-strike on Assad & Co.

Just by co-incidence, millions of Catholics joined the Pope in a day of fasting and prayer for the purpose of avoiding Obozo's teeny, tiny, missile-strike on Assad & co.


No reason that God can't use an idiot and a cunning thug, is there?

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schmenz said...

That's some "cunning thug", that Putin. Among his thuggish accomplishments are his efforts to encourage Russian families to have more children, banning pro-homo propaganda, putting in jail the Levantine oligarchs who were financially raping the Russian people, protecting Syrian Christians from being exterminated by the Obamaites (who do not ban homo propaganda, who do help super rich oligarchs in America amass obscene fortunes while the rest of the country starves, etc.), and the list goes on.

I would like to see that "thug" elected US president.