Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Cost of ObozoCare

Useful little item here to figure your bankruptcy-time under ObozoCare (scroll to the bottom to start the widget.)

Note that your out-of-pocket will be rather high (ours is over $10K) and the premium--well--it's not going to be cheap, either.

HT:  Sykes


Anonymous said...

The enemies of affordable care are in their last throes, if you will. The rebate checks are on the way! And no amount of whining from discredited conservatives can change that.

Dad29 said...

Whistle. There's a graveyard nearby.

It's filled with "collateral damage" (innocent victims) of DroneBama, who will soon visit "collateral damage" on Syrians.

I actually DID the math on the Kaiser site. That "rebate" does not touch the $10.4K deductible. It only "rebates" some of the premium.

But reality doesn't touch you over in your Mom's basement, does it?

Anonymous said...

I may live with my parents, but you are still a discredited conservative. Has 2008 and 2012 taught you nothing?

Dad29 said...

You have serious logic problems.

1) Conservatism is not "discredited" by election results.

2) ObozoCare is going to be very expensive for ALL taxpayers, especially the young ones like you.

3) No conservative ran for the Presidency since 1988.

Anonymous said...

Yet, you still vote Republican, and are part of the problem. Run for office.