Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Boehner's War Strategy: "We Give Up"

Boehner, ever the spineless but well-tanned insider, gave up on de-funding ObozoCare.

He also repeated his laugh-line that "...Republicans have voted against funding...more than 40 times...."  He doesn't mention that they NEVER voted against funding when it counted.

IOW, Boehner won't even do what Obozo did in the Syria affair.  He won't even issue a threat.


Anonymous said...

For someone making $40k/year, the Obozocare premium is $164/month. That's considerably less than the $500/month they currently fork over for coverage.

You're like Obozo - you want to attack Syria but can't come up with a good reason for folks to support you. So you look to Congress to bail you out.


Dad29 said...

Must be dark in Mom's basement, anony, or you'd be able to read this entire blog from beginning to date and NEVER find my support for a hit on Syria.

And your figure is cute (assuming it's accurate), but meaningless. There IS the matter of the $10.4K annual deductible. That raises the stakes a bit.