Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Delay ObozoCare? Really?

As we all know, the Latest, Greatest, "Achievable" Plan is not to de-fund ObozoCare, but to "delay" it.

I have my doubts about that; as originally sketched, the House would give the Senate and the golfer-in-chief an end to the sequester AND a hike in the debt limit if ObozoCare gets delayed by a year.

So.  Obozo gets to spend even more than he's ever spent before; our children and grand-children and great-grandchildren get to pay unimaginable sums toward interest and principal (assuming that it's within their means to pay it)--all so that the Senate can go barely Pubbie in '14 and Obozo can veto the end of ObozoCare when it finally passes both the House and Senate.  Then Obozo's veto will be sustained in the Senate and ObozoCare will merrily roll on.

Right.  That's a helluva plan.

DrewM (via Cold Fury) brings up another angle.

...What if Obama doesn’t accept the Boehner/Cantor offer to delay ObamaCare for a year? Jay Carney has already said Obama would veto that, just like they said they’d veto a defunding bill. Team Delay insists we take the threat seriously when it comes to defunding but not delaying.

So what then? We’re supposed to believe that they along with Boehner and Cantor weren’t willing to go over the fiscal cliff, they aren’t willing to deal with a government shutdown but they are TOTALLY committed to not raising the debt ceiling and seeing the government “default” (not be able to pay some bills) unless Obama caves on delay? Really? You guys have avoided every fight and punted at every chance but you are totally going to the mattresses on the thing that might have huge fiscal repercussions for the world economy?

Let’s just say I have my doubts.

Both Ribble and RoJo have defended their position of NOT de-funding ObozoCare on the basis that they don't want to 'shut down the Gummint.'  But the 'delay' plan will almost certainly have exactly the same effect.

Both of those gentlemen ignore the fact that they were ELECTED based on their promise to 'stop ObozoCare.'  They also ignore the fact that de-funding ObozoCare is NOT "shutting down the Gummint."  Only Obozo can (and will) "shut down the Gummint" by his veto.  (Well, OK, Slimebag Reid could, too.)

When in the course of human events.....


Anonymous said...

When in the course of human events...

Stop. Voting. Republican. Completely.


Run. For. Office.

Anonymous said...

Find a new hobby old boy. The law is the law, whether you agree with it or not.

Anonymous said...

As I said before, ACA is here to stay no matter how much your buddies at the Legion Post want to wish it away.

Gaetan Dugas said...

I'm going to ass fuck the three anonys above.

Anonymous said...

You're running out of heros. Ryan is a falling apart and Rojo is not the lunatic you hoped he'd be.

Anonymous said...

Public school graduate at 12:10 a.m.