Monday, September 30, 2013

Pathetic Mewling

RoJo defends his vote.

Johnson explained that he doesn't support a government shutdown strategy saying, "It was a fantasy to believe that the news media would actually hold President Obama and Harry Reid responsible for any government shutdown. Here on planet Earth, we are always going to get blamed, and as a result any type of long-term government shutdown wasn't going to happen."
"The House should send us a Continuing Resolution that Harry Reid would have to say yes to," said Johnson. According to Johnson, this would include a repeal of the Medical Device Tax and an end to the Congressional exemption from Obamacare.
Here in the real world, a Gummint shutdown will draw the cry:  "Free at Last!!  Free at Last!!  Thank God in Heaven, We're Free at Last!!"

UPDATE:  From another blog, on the same question:

The problem with the GOP isn’t just that it’s unprincipled.  It’s that it’s both unprincipled AND cowardly, and as a result, it only fights battles whose outcomes are predetermined.

Huh.  Must have met RoJo.

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