Saturday, September 28, 2013

Henninger's "To Hell WithYou--ALL of You"

Hayward--as usual--is correct.  That's because he said exactly what I did.

Henninger of the WSJ covers the asses of the French Republicans with his 'let it burn' editorial.  In response: it really conservative or Republican “leadership” to let the American people suffer for years, until they finally rise up and demand reform?  ”Let it burn” is not easy advice to give to people trapped at the heart of a raging fire....

The terms "principles" or "the national interest" never cross the lips of Henninger, Rove, or the Sykes savants, by the way.  Instead, what they propose is "political victory" for Republicans. To them, the end justifies the means:  screwing our children and grandchildren is just fine because politics!!  Machiavelli would be proud, watching from his perch in Hell.

So.  Elect Republicans, eh?  Those would be "the Republicans" who gave us No Child Left Educated, and Corn-holed us with ethanol, and gave us the EPA, not to mention the US version of Stasi, right?  "The Republicans" who forked Massachusetts with The Failure Known as RomneyCare--already on its way to bankruptcy. 


And there's this:

...Henninger goes on to offer some examples of the teetering entrenched social programs he thinks are ripe for a fall.  But, by his own admission, we’ve known these programs were insolvent for decades.  The “let it burn” strategy hasn’t gotten us anywhere yet....

Well, actually, Mr. Hayward, it has 'gotten us somewhere.'  About $19 Bazillion in national debt somewhere, if you don't count unfunded liabilities like....oh yeah--Republican-approved SocSec, Medicare, and Medicaid...

Yah.  Elect Republicans.  That's the ticket.

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Anonymous said...

"Yah. Elect Republicans. That's the ticket."

I look forward to your blog stating that you will refrain from voting (R)'s in the future, declaring your candidacy to serve in the House as a conservative, and having Timmy serve as your campaign manager.