Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Jebbies, McConnell, and the Anti-Democrat

There's an old joke to the effect that the Jebbies (Jesuits) have always believed that the end justifies the means.  No serious moralist would ever believe that, of course; it's simply wrong.

But it's the position taken by McConnell, written about here, and spoken about by Belling while he subbed for Limbaugh this afternoon.

In brief, McConnell wants ObozoCare to go into effect, not because he thinks it is good or bad, but because it will most likely put the (R) Party into a much better, if not majority, position in the Senate.

In other words, he's perfectly happy to achieve a Republican majority (the end) by putting the nation on the rack of ObozoCare (the means.)

I don't think that anyone has accused McConnell of having principles; therefore it would be unkind to accuse him of violating them.  But 'acquiring a majority' is not something which is more important than 'the national interest,' at least in anyplace other than the District of Criminals.

It is supremely ironic that Obozo--in his fevered Marxist campaign for Totalitarianism--is probably accomplishing the exact reverse of what McConnell is trying to do.  Obozo and his accomplices think that through ObozoCare they will secure a permanent (D) majority in Gummint.  That's not likely to be the case, as the implementation of this "program" will splatter fecal matter all over the (D) Party for years.

So we have a wrongly-principled (D) furiously wrecking his Party's future combined with a totally UN-principled (R) plotting a renascence of his Party--both through exactly the same instrument.

" Why Richard, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world. . . but for Wales!”


Anonymous said...

Your obozocare hysteria reminds us of climate change "scientists."

Neither of you have both feet on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Go fuck yourself, Anony.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the majority doesn't agree with your definition of "national interest". And the Supreme Court doesn't have an issue with it either.

McConnell knows that this fight is over but he still has a dilemma. McConnell can continue to appease the lunatics or move on and try to put his party back together again.

It's enjoyable to watch.

Dad29 said...

The majority of US citizens agree that ObozoCare should be dumped into the nearest nuclear furnace.

SCOTUS doesn't decide "the national interest."

You must be another public school grad.

Anonymous said...

There's hysteria surrounding ACA because it redistributes wealth downstream to the people who have been getting fucked over by this country for years.

The crazies are scared to death that ACA has a good chance of becoming popular and successful.

Anonymous said...

The majority of citizens want more gun control measures, too.

Too bad we don't govern based on polling.

Saint Revolution said...

OFucker, McConnell, and all the rest of 'em, including AnnÜberLiberaloidPussy - "Men For All Treasons".

What do they care?! They're exempt from ACA.