Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mississippi Burning in Madistan

Easily the most jarring comparison...but rational.

Stacy McCain notes the hate-mail received by Althouse and ruminates a bit:

...The privileged never surrender privilege willingly. They employ demagogic appeals to rally others to their self-interested “cause” by demonizing those who dare challenge them. And if someone gets hurt in the process, if some of those duped by the demagoguery decide to turn wrathful words into violent deeds . . .Madison has become the Neshoba County, Mississippi, of this season. “Workers’ rights” is the Jim Crow of 2011 and government-employee unions are the new Klan.

And McCain didn't know about Kapanke's problem at the time.


VSO said...

The Klan btw were/are what? Democrats. So yes it makes perfect sense. Watch Zo's footage from Madistan on PJTV and you'll see the same tactics, same siren song, different year.

Anonymous said...

McCain is nuts, period, in making that comparison. Not even close. He just wants more blog hits.