Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can Rep. Duffy Be THIS Stupid?

Jeremy, bless his heart, has endured NPR to catch this:

On the Joy Cardin show Duffy said that he supported the President's actions in Libya, citing in particular the fact that the President had built a coalition prior to taking action.

Actually, Congressman, the French "built the coalition" and President HopeyChangey signed on, sorta.

And is the Congressman telling us that in order to justify any war, all we need is a "coalition"? Even GWBush came up with better stuff than that!

Duffy likes NPR's funding. No wonder. He gets to be an idiot and doesn't get called on it.


Tim Morrissey said...

While the congress is busy de-funding NPR, the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board might want to consider whether their radio affiliate(s) is/are truly programmed to reflect their mission.

Oh, and constant reminders that "this program is brought to you by a grant from Madison Gas and Electric" really isn't a commercial advertisment, is it?

Display Name said...

Heaven forbid we have a talk radio show where the host isn't spouting their own opinion, and lets the guest talk.