Friday, March 25, 2011

Could Anyone Be Worse than Gorelick/FBI? Yes!

Sure. Put a political animal in charge of the National Security Council and see what happens!

(Hint: it's spelled L-I-B-Y-A)

There is the near universal confusion about what the American military’s mission in Libya is. Who is calling the shots on deploying military assets? What is the end game?

Finally, there is astonishment that the president of the United States departed for a routine overseas trip on the eve of war.

At the center of an increasingly incoherent policy is the president’s national security advisor, Thomas E. Donilon, and Washington insiders are privately pointing a finger at him.

The article at the link paints a picture of a craven political know-nothing.

Just what we need when dealing with the lives of US servicemen.

HT: PJMedia

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TSA Agent Barney Frank said...

The real question is, can I touch O'Trauma when he comes through the lines? I really wanna TOUCH him when he comes through the airport lines. I'll even personally inspect him on Air Force One if need be... earring fell off my right earlobe...

Please let me touch him...