Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did the TEA Party Quit?

This seems to be the 'hot topic' these days. Local talk-radio folk are in paroxysms about the SCOWI race--which they perceive to be all-but-lost--and at the national level, the new Congresscritters don't seem to get the message. Barone joins the "gave up" crowd this morning.

FWIW, I don't think that Prosser is dead-man-walking. Not by a long shot.

So Vox publishes a note from a correspondent:

The question is do we actually get pitch forks and march on Washington and gig them (If we did we would be terrorists) or do we hunker down and prepare for the worse. Unfortunately, most people are doing the later and it is only a matter of time before they will be proven right.

Vox cites an inane yap from Sen. Rubio regarding the debt-limit, and we've already mentioned a similar inanity on the same question from Sen. Cornyn. They are (and I'm restraining myself) selling you a bill of goods. It's a crock, folks.

Maybe the correspondent is correct.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

The continued underestimation of the TEA partiy activists and Conservatives in general.

And if a bunch of elephants in DC think we are not watching, they should think again. We will send the likes of Duffy and abyone else right back to from whereever they came.

neomom said...

With all the vitriol tossed at any conservative that dares publicly support Gov Walker right now by the lefties, it is not shocking that everything is very quiet on the Tea front in WI. I pray that they don't sit out the election and that the Bradley Effect will be fully operational.

Dad29 said...

Maybe I'm selling a bill of goods here, too, but consider:

Deek has mentioned that the Union folks he deals with (IAMAW) are simply NOT sympathetic to State union employees' demands. My guess is that few, if any, industrial unions (USW, UAW, Steelworkers) and few, if any, trades (IBEW, Carpenters/Joiners, Plumbers') unions are sympathetic, either.

So for them, the election is a big fat "meh."

If those guys don't turn out, Prosser has more than a chance of winning, especially when you also consider that Wisconsin has NEVER had a "fat margin" statewide race for almost anything--except Abrahamson's last victory, against a VERY weak opponent who got no funding from anyone.

The TEA Party's not over, but we don't have to scream louder than the Teachers. We just have to vote.

neomom said...

Pure anecdotal, but I've been sparring with an IBEW guy on Facebook. He and his other private trade union buddies are very unhappy because they feel Walker will come after them (nevermind that he can't). And a steelworker friend who fully supported Walker is getting squishy for the same reason.

IOW - the union propaganda is having an effect. It will all be dependent on who is motivated to vote.