Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is ANYONE Less Relevant Than Jesse Jackson?

Seems that the JS people have a fixation on finding and quoting a guy who's been irrelevant since about 1980.

Asked Wednesday about the boycott effort, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said "that any nonviolent tactic used to get attention to the steamroller tactics it seems to me are reasonable. I encourage people to remain nonviolent and disciplined in their protests."

Hey! This guy is a BEARS fan, for crying out loud. An FIB!

Of course, there's a reason that Jackson gets the call: no one who IS relevant will back this suicide-campaign.


Tim Morrissey said... you mean Michael Moore just came to Madison for a day to get some media face-time?

And what about those people from the Daily Show that brought the camel up to the Capitol?

Isn't that "good national attention?"

Dad29 said...

Come to think of it, Tim, you're right.

Madistan IS the venue for Jackson, Moore, and camels.

Next up: OBL.

Jesse Jackson's white surrogate brother said...

Is ANYONE Less Relevant Than Jesse Jackson?

JailBird Michael McGee.

Same turkey, different feather.