Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brazil's a Long Way Away, You See...

...and that's perhaps why Mr. Gates (D of Defense) has trouble hearing President PixieDust.

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said on Wednesday there was no “timeline” for when UN-backed military operations in Libya would end, and that the outcome of the conflict remained unclear.

Speaking during a visit to Cairo, Gates said the UN Security Council resolution that authorised a no-fly zone was “not time-limited” and that it was unrealistic to expect military action to be over in a matter of weeks.

C'mon, Bob, pick up the shoe-phone!!

Barack Obama has repeatedly insisted that the American role in the Libyan war will only last “days, not weeks,” although he has also said that US forces will remain engaged...

See, Bob, you have to Parse, like with Bill ( Clinton. "Engaged" is the key word.

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