Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ruling Class: "You're STUPID!"

The most interesting part is the second graf.

When it comes to policy, the political class doesn’t have a lot of faith in the public’s IQ. In the latest National Journal Political Insiders Poll, a solid majority of political operatives—59 percent—said the public didn’t “know enough about the issues facing Washington to form wise opinions about what should be done.”

See, you're stupid. Ignorant clods who should just keep to your goat-herding and STFU.

There was a sharp partisan difference between the two parties: By more than a 2-to-1 margin, Democratic Insiders believed the public didn’t “know enough,” while a slight majority of Republicans thought they did.

Democrat Insiders--the Illuminati--include such as Joe Biden.

'Nuff said.

HT: Hot Air


jimspice said...

Come on, think about it! Take your average, and I mean truly average American. You know, your basic "Jersey Shore" character or "Jay Walking" contestant. Now imagine that half of the country is DUMBER than that. I'm not suggesting that these people shouldn't vote (in fact, at the truly stupid levels, they are just voting randomly and the noise cancels itself out), but am pointing out one possible reason direct Democracy isn't more popular.

It's like the old warning: 50% of doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class.

Dad29 said...

So did 50% of AWG enthusiasts.

Granted your point, but if you're telling me that ~50% of Americans don't understand "balanced budget," then we're in worse trouble than anybody can imagine.

Mr. and Mrs. EveryMan said...

Well, I may be an ignorant and stupid goat-herder and camel-washer, but I DO know how to spell, "Kenyan-born Islamist Catholic-hating USA-hating he-has-absolutely-no-clue-what-he's-doing black freemason criminal".

Anonymous said...

"You're not evil, Mr./Mrs. EM, just wrong."

neomom said...

Arent' the Democrats/Progressives largely in charge of academia, public education, and pop culture (via Hollywood)?

So they dumb the population down and then say we are too dumb to make decisions on our own.

Who said they didn't take the long view?

Conservatives better learn that lesson quickly.

I said...

Who is this Anonymous jag blogging responses all over Dad29 in his soft-written self-righteous mommy-remonstrate-correcting style?

Geez...straighten out your wrist.

Saint Revolution said...

Excellent point, neomom.

Great three-dimensional thinking, outlook, and advice.

Dad29 said...

mommy-remonstrate-correcting style?

I think a new brassiere will do wonders for Anony.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the old-fashioned Christian advice!

Display Name said...

Yeah, because there's no greater respect for women, than to try to insult men by calling them women.