Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Ruling Class' Spin on "Budget Cuts"

You can bet that Boehner/Cantor wrote this thing and gave it to Harry Reid to circulate.

...White House and Senate Democrats keep caving, while House Republicans — at least publicly — have yet to budge an inch. The latest development, as Politico reports, is that the administration has agreed to an overall cut of $33 billion, which is near the number that the House leadership originally proposed (before the Tea Party caucus forced it to go higher)....--NBC, quoted at Hot Air

Some things don't change. 33 is still less than 61, and less than 100.

So here's the deal: Boehner peed his pants when "shutdown" was uttered in Reid-Land and voila! "To Hell with the promises WE MADE, to Hell with "$61Bn", the modified limited hang-out promise....

"Please, please, please, don't shut down the Gummint!! Where will our children, nieces, and nephews work?"

Time for John to have a good cry.


Anonymous said...

The most efficient the govt has ever been was when no one could come to work due to snow a couple winters back...

John Boehner said...

Sung tearfully, with emotion...:

Someone help me,
Help me,
Help me, pleeeeeaaaaaaassssseee,
This is NOT a Puppy Love,...