Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Oh, THAT $5.5 Million++!!"

Whether the Capitol's marble was damaged to the tune of a few million dollars remains in dispute. Maybe, maybe not.

But what's NOT in dispute is the cost of security.

The cost to bring Wisconsin State Patrol officers to the state Capitol to provide security during weeks of protest totals $2.23 million, the state Department of Transportation said Tuesday.

The costs include actual costs between Feb. 11 and March 5, as well as estimated costs from March 6 through March 10.

Hundreds of troopers were dispatched to the Capitol during the protests.

The $2.23 million is on top of an estimated $3.2 million in wages, overtime, mileage, food and lodging that was claimed by officers from law enforcement agencies all over the state who were asked by the state to assist in providing security at the Capitol.

And they're not done yet adding it all up.


Anonymous said...

Regardless if you and others feel the protests were unjustified, the dollar amount is meaningless when comparing it to those people who exercised their First Amendment right.

And if the Tea Partiers and other groups in the future demonstrate for an extended period of time on an issue they feel strongly about, and taxpayer dollars are used to protect that freedom, you will not hear me complain.

Mr. Tastic said...

Was Dad29 complaining?

Display Name said...

Who is still suggesting that the damage to the building is in the millions? Even DOA back-tracked. So where's your evidence? Just innuendo?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tastic--It's called an inference.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity does anyone know of a single instance during all of the tea party rallies last year where the police department of any community had to provide personal protection for elected officials threatened by the tea party folk?



Anonymous said...

Considering one of Walker's operatives took over the DOA and was responsible for the security, perhaps you incredulity would be better served wondering why the hell over 300 officers were needed to secure a building that was closed off to the public for a week? Or is Walker exempt from criticism for imprudently using tax dollars?

Display Name said...

Walker is busy being protested in Janesville now, so he's not available for comment. He'll soon fly to another city to be protested again.

Anonymous said...

David, you are using Alinsky tactics. The situation never occurred because there were no opportunities for the situation to occur. It does not mean that SOME of the Tea Partiers, if in that situation, would have refrained from making threats against public officials which required police intervention. But there were reported threats against Democrats by Tea Partiers, just like they were threats against the Tea Partiers themselves.

Why not be the ADULT here and simply condemn ALL violence regardless if instigated by the left or right, rather than try to score political points!

Anonymous said...

Bullets on the capital steps, bum rushing an elected official, multiple email death threats against the elected senators and their families, multiple phone death threats against the senators.....versus....your thought that it might possibly happen in a hypothetical world of your choosing.

Anony, I can only hope that when one of your kool aide drinking converts finally uses his limp wrist to pull a weapon that his aim is like your arguements, lame at best.


neomom said...

Silly Dad, anarchy (or a Toddler's temper tantrum) is free. Or so they think anyway.

Anonymous said...

David, thank you for admitting that some on the right and some on the left engage in the behavior you just outlined! It takes a humble person to admit when they are wrong!