Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Appropriators: Enemies of the Country

Hewitt unleashes his own Tomahawks.

...Most of the GOP appropriators are anonymous outside their districts. You may have heard of the current or past chairmen, Hal Rogers of Kentucky or Jerry Lewis of California. Virginia's Frank Wolf is a greatly admired champion of religious freedom across the globe, and Oklahoma's Tom Cole served a disastrous term as chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee from 2006-2008.

But most are content to labor away spending, spending, spending in national obscurity but powerful within the Beltway ...

...This past week the appropriators went public, attacking the deficit hawks and using anonymous staffers to savage conservative budget-cutters inside and outside of the Congress.

Although Hewitt dissociates Cantor from this bunch, others identified a Cantor staffer as one of the attack-poodles.

...If they cannot be moved, the Tea Party and conservative activists will seek to remove them. The days of campaigning as a conservative and spending like a Democrat are done, and if the appropriators don't change, voters sick with worry about a government addicted to trillion-dollar deficits will change them...


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Anonymous said...

Other enemies of the country:

Chris Liebenthal
Jay Bullock
Keith Schmitz
John Foust
Zach Wisnieski
Jeffrey Simpson
Steve Carlson

Their home addresses and names of their children will be posted far and wide if they do not cease their anti-American activities by March 25.

Anonymous said...

Only a NUTJOB and FAKE CHRISTIAN would conduct or condone this activity.

As the resident "adult", Dad29, wouldn't you agree that posting the names of the kids serves no purpose? So why even give this lunatic fringe righty a forum. I'm sure if I (and I never would) would make a similar threat, or proposed something even worse, you would go ballistic and claim how the lefties are once again engaging in thug behavior.

Yet, there is silence on your part (as of now)...Perhaps you let others do the "dirty" work for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to rape Anonymous.

krshorewood said...

Except my daughters would kick the shit out him (or her).

Anonymous said...

I don't suspect that "Dad" would provide a forum for publishing that type of stuff -- especially because if he does his own identity will be posted on the internet.

Display Name said...

It's March 26.

Other Side said...

Darn. My name was left out.

Hi daddio. How you been?

Dad29 said...

You were left out? Don't take it as an insult. Happy to add you to the list, and Anony--whatever it is--will be pleased, too, I imagine.

Other Side said...

You're too kind.