Saturday, March 26, 2011

Romer: "Hey Barak!! Pay Attention!!"

Barone at The Examiner thinks that Christine Romer's signature on this letter is significant.

As former chairmen and chairwomen of the Council of Economic Advisers, who have served in Republican and Democratic administrations, we urge that the Bowles-Simpson report, ‘The Moment of Truth,’ be the starting point of an active legislative process that involves intense negotiations between both parties.

There are many issues on which we don’t agree. Yet we find ourselves in remarkable unanimity about the long-run federal budget deficit: It is a severe threat that calls for serious and prompt attention. --quoting Politico

The letter is (really) addressed to Obama. You remember him? He's doing what he does best: voting "present."

Smoke over the Appian Way....

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