Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Prosser Didn't Know About Bishops Hurts Him Now

Any way you cut it, the allegation that Prosser 'protected' a sex-predator priest is weak tea. One wonders when Mike McCann will speak up about this, as McCann has had similar problems--and shoveled them under the rug, too.

...Prosser said Sharon Merryfield told him that Feeney was visiting the Merryfield home and went upstairs to pray with 12-year-old Troy and his 14-year-old brother, Todd, before they went to bed, while their parents remained downstairs. According to the mother, the priest touched both boys and pinched Todd's buttocks, but did not touch either boy's genitals, Prosser said. A subsequent investigation found another man who said he had been inappropriately touched by Feeney but did not want to be part of any court case, Prosser said. Prosser said the Merryfield case seemed weak to him...

...Prosser said he met with Bishop Aloysius Wycislo and asked the bishop to remove Feeney from the parish. Wycislo said he would take care of it, Prosser said. When Prosser explained the decision to the Merryfields, he said, "My honest view is that the family didn't seem all that upset at the time."

What Prosser couldn't know was that Wycislo would double-cross him (and for that matter, the entire Diocese of Green Bay.)

Catholics who've been around for a while always knew that there was something fishy about the Green Bay Diocese under Wycislo's reign. We didn't know how bad it really was...but there was plenty of smoke.

Prosser said he never thought the church would repeatedly transfer a priest with multiple allegations against him

Prosser simply made the same mistake that McCann did.

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