Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not To Worry! EPA Will Strangle the US

Just because you like electricity and you kinda prefer central heating doesn't mean that the (D) Party will let you have it. Here's the way it plays out in the Senate:

Not enough [Pubbies] agree on one bill, however, to defeat a Democrat filibuster, even if the magic number of 60 in support of blocking EPA has been reached.

...The above situation, translated, also reflects that the Dems have split up their votes to avoid actually checking EPA's Power Grab while still saying "hey, I voted to stop them." Knowingly in a way that averted actually stopping them.

Ain't it a wonderful country?

Fortunately, the US will choke on its ObozoDebt long before the electricity gets shut off.

HT: AmSPec

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