Friday, March 25, 2011

Walker Sinks Forced-Membership in SEIU

About midway through the story, you get the facts which really count.

The Wisconsin Quality Care Authority was to provide information on home care workers' experience and qualifications and do background checks.

But the law also required the state to provide a labor organization with the names of the workers - most of whom earn $9 to $12 an hour and receive no benefits - and to hold an election on whether they would be represented by a union.

The SEIU pushed for the legislation, and the law was seen by some as an effort by Gov. Jim Doyle to reward organized labor.

In fact, it's a re-run of a Michigan plot with the same general results.

Other than Doylet and the Democrats, who thinks that a union--ANY union-- is entitled to the names of all workers in a given field?

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