Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bammy's Rape-and-Kill "Rebels"

President PixieDust picks very strange friends, indeed.

The murder and rape of Black African migrants in Benghazi (East Libya) reduces the value of anti-Qaddafi rebels’ claim to justice. --Barutiwa Daily Times

And then there's this:

“Yesterday a UNHCR team at the Egypt border interviewed a group of Sudanese who arrived from eastern Libya who said that armed Libyans were going door to door, forcing sub-Saharan Africans to leave. In one instance a 12-year-old Sudanese girl was said to have been raped,” Edwards said.

“They reported that many people had their documents confiscated or destroyed. We heard similar accounts from a group of Chadians who fled Benghazi, Al Bayda and Brega in the past few days,” he added. --UN High Commission for Refugees


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