Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Total Waste. Pubbies Cut It. Obama to Veto.

The HAMP mortgage-adjustment program is a total failure. So Obama wants to keep it going, which will perpetuate chaos in that portion of the mortgage marketplace. That's irrational, of course.

“HAMP has been beset by problems from the outset and, despite frequent retooling, continues to fall woefully short of meeting its original expectations,” testified Barofsky. “Today the program is under siege from all quarters, with near universal agreement that the program has failed to meet its goals.” --Inspector General Barofsky, TARP

So the Pubbies applied $29Bn to the national debt; the other $1Bn's been pissed away spent.

The White House... released a statement stating that Obama will veto the bill if it passes the Democrat-held Senate.

The Obama plan: chaos and irrational decisions!

HT: Human Events

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