Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wisconsin the Prelude to 2012

Well, this is a perspective which sends one to the ammo store.

Is anyone surprised that a local judge has issued a temporary restraining order against . . . well, against Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican party of Wisconsin?

.....Welcome to Election 2012, the preview edition.

As I’ve been saying, Wisconsin is a test-case battleground for the special forces and new weapons that each side will bring to bear next year. Okay, make that one side, since the Republicans continue to play by the old rules — you know, contesting and winning elections, passing laws, stuff like that — while the Democrats deploy their fleets of teachers, cops, firemen, and lawyers like Panzer divisions. For the Party of Alinksy — the unholy offspring of ’30s machine-politics gangsters and ’60s Marxist radicals — there is no tactic too thuggish, no argument too ridiculous, and no thing they will not attack, including the very legitimacy of the system that gave them their law degrees.--Michael Walsh, NRO, quoted at Protein Wisdom

Wisdom goes on:

...Obama isn’t a Good Man; what we are witnessing is the installation of a soft tyranny and a radical restructuring of our societal foundations away from individual liberty and the preeminence of the individual and towards the power of the identity group and the collective; and if the rule of law is effectively politicized to the point where the rulings of left-wing judges start with the desired outcome and then reason back from there — using an interpretive methodology that is no longer required to concern itself with legislative intent — we no longer have a rule of law, only the outward trappings of one: leaving us to choose between being subjects of the liberal fascist state or anarchists who, should we not be able to save our republic through conventional means, are compelled to revolt.

Hmmmmmm. I'll take several thousand of the JHPs, please.

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I agree....seeds and ammunition are the smartest investment.