Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Fast and Furious"--the Gun Running Scheme--Part 22,456

This gets even better.

Recap: the Obozo Administration approved a scheme whereby hundreds of questionably-purchased long guns would be taken into Mexico. A Phoenix-area gun dealer TOLD ATF that he had good reason NOT to sell the guns, but ATF told him "Sell 'em anyway, we're tracking them into Mexico."

Uh-huh. ATF lost track of the guns and one of them was used to shoot a Border Patrol agent.

More emerges.

Now the former ATF attache to Mexico, in charge of agency operations there, is talking to CBS News. He was told that the operation had been approved by the acting ATF director and by higher officials at Justice Department, and that Assistant Attorney General and head of the Criminal Division Larry Breuer knew about it.

Oh, there's even MORE:

...when Gil's analyst checked ATF's computer files to find out more, he hit a brick wall.

"Not only did he not have access, I as the attache, the head agent in Mexico for ATF operations, did not have access," says Gil. He was locked out.

That was a red flag because Gil says as the senior ATF official in Mexico, it was his job to approve any ATF operation involving Mexico; and he didn't approve this one."

Now the NRA gets into it and proposes (as did I) that Obozo & Co. approved this gambit not only to "track the guns"--which it failed to do--but to bolster its case against selling more than one long-gun at a time altogether.

It's also worth recalling that ATF's proposal included ALL rifles of "over .22 caliber" (which includes your basic squirrel-gun b/c it is .224) but also included ALL gun-shops, not just those near the border.

Sen. Grassley's on this, but I hear document-shredders overclocking already....

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