Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Esenberg Unplugged

Rick is generally a very mild-mannered guy who, while not avoiding controversy, is as lawyerly and smooth-talking as any prof.

So when he publishes an essay which has ramped-up language, it means something.

Not only are public-employee unions attempting to choose their court, they are doing so by making an electoral issue of the very matter that the court will be asked to decide. There are reasons that we don’t hold votes on pending court cases. They are rooted in due process and the rule of law. But in a world that chooses “any means necessary,” these are mere inconveniences. It is time, after all, to “get even.

Yes, the election is important. And Prosser is the best choice. It's hardly "all about Walker;" it's all about Wisconsin for the next 20 years, folks.


Display Name said...

It means he's upset because he realizes he was wrong. Same explanation for the FitzWalkerStan temper tantrums.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Wrong about what, John? Not about the Bill and the way in which it was enacted. Pretty clear in Black and White in the Wissconsin Administrative Code.

No, the only ones wrong and with an agenda here are the Democrats and Judge Sumi. Bought and paid for by the AFL/CIO. Oh...and you are wrong, too.

TerryN said...

One county judge out of 17, in a state with 72 counties, can overrule the elected Governor, Senate and Assembly?

You can not support this and believe we live in a free country. Both ideas are diametrically opposed.

Welcome to the real 'stan. Not the one the union handlers made up for their parrots.