Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Community Organizer War-Cookbook FAIL

If nothing else, this chapter of The Adventures of the Pixie-Dust King is extremely instructive. He's better at healthcare, kinda, sorta, maybe. But he ain't no Commander-in-Chief.

Ignoring the questions of legality, morality, economic sense, and possible political opportunism that many have already touched on in President Obama's decision to go to war with Libya, there remains the question of what, if anything the no-fly zone is meant to accomplish

I mean, putting US troops into life-and-death situations and spending $300 million/week should require just a bit more than "It FEELS right," right?

Long after the US loosed 100++ Tomahawks and an F-15 Eagle was shot down (and a bunch of Libyan citizens were machine-gunned at the rescue-site), President Unicorns finally came up with an answer: we're going to install "democracy and take out Gaddafy." The fact that a Muslim hardliner, Erdogan of Turkey, is in 'agreement' with this objective does not warm the cockles of the skeptical heart.

(Sorry. "Gaddafy must go" was operative for only 1 day. Yesterday it became "Maybe he can stay.")

But it gets a lot worse.

This morning's Drudge headlines are telling: the Germans have pulled out. That follows the Arab League's "We're outta here" of Sunday. The French say that "We are NOT at war." Oh? The Brits have almost run out of missiles. The Italians think the French are in it for the oil. Italy also wants its military bases back unless NATO is put "in charge" of the mission--whatever that mission might be.

How's the weather in Brazil and San Salvador, Obozo??

And then there's the implications surrounding "take out Gaddafy." The Brits, ever-so-pragmatic, suggest that he should be assassinated. The US says "Nope."


...Despite Obama's promise for a limited military engagement, and use of political tools such as sanctions to force Gaddafi to leave, the only way to truly ensure a regime change would be a massive escalation of force beyond what a no-fly zone provides.

Conventional military combat requires both air and ground, and to a lesser extent naval, forces to properly secure another nation....

Oh, by the way: just WHO will be installed as the "democratic leaders"? And just WHO are 'the rebels' now shooting at Libyan troops?

See, it's like Nancy Pelosi said: we've got to get the new regime in place to know what's in it. We have two of those now: ObamaCare and Obama himself.

I think two is more than enough.

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