Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin: The Signal of "Change"

Quite a pick.

At first, I thought that McPain was being too clever by half--trumping Obama with a woman. But some would read that as sexist, I suppose, in the hyper-sensitive world of Lefties.

The real motives became clear as she spoke, and as I read the various opinions on the inter-blogo-spheric-net:

"Change" is the word. McPain actually may trump Obamamamama on "change"!

More to follow, of course--the Convention speechifications should prove enlightening.

But both McPain and Palin are clearly 'non-conventional' Pubbies. On the other hand, Obamamamama's speech last night boiled down to "more of the same" Democrat yappaflappa about "investment" and "taxes,"--and, of course, anti-Bush.

Well, McPain is an "anti-establishment" guy (and not all to my liking...) and Palin certainly qualifies in the same category.

This will be fun, folks!


Neo-Con Tastic said...

I'm actually quite happy with the pick especially when you consider the pool of 'possibilities' that she was in.

She'll bring a lot to the table. This has actually energized me.

Amy said...

It's energized me, as well. I'm very surprised and impressed with McCain.

And Palin.

The response of the left has been swift and merciless. Which means this bothers them. Big time.

Brother James said...

Yeah, the wailing and gnashing of teeth belies the Left's scoffing at Palin.

I'm feeling a little bump of energy as well, we'll see if the bump of energy reaches my wallet.

And I may even leave the clothespin home when I go to vote on election day.

Chironomo said...

Seriously... I'm not McThrilled with McCaine either, but from a purely political strategy perspective, this is brilliant. Does Obama REALLY want to bring the issue of experience into the campaign now? And how will he explain this away to the "18 Million Cracks" (I love using that term as a description of Hillary Supporters).? Will she grab the ultra-leftist lesbian feminists? Of course not. But the middle-class white suburban Moms in the Hillary camp will probably see more of themselves in Sarah Palin than they did in Hillary. Many Hillary supporters (like my sister and my wife) are not to the far left, but see the issue as opportunity for women. These are the women that Sarah Palin will bring in. What states could it turn? Oh let's see... maybe CO and NH? .....

Anonymous said...

Palin is a great pick.

As a bonus, she likes to shoot her own food.

capper said...

What change? She is McBush with two X chromosomes. She has the same abuse of power issues that we have seen for the last eight years. And she doesn't even know what the job entails. Brilliance, indeed!

Dad29 said...

Capper--YOU'RE backing a Chicago Machine pol---and you talk about "abuse of power"?