Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things That Make You Think

So I'm on I-94 northbound, just south of Oklahoma Avenue, in the left lane.

And in the left-hand distress lane is a pile of parts--actually, two piles, separated by about 100 feet or so.

The front- and rear- brake-pad assemblies from a large truck.

First question: how in Hell did THAT happen? Where's the rest of the assembly--like, for example, the brake drum? Wheel?

And if the brake-pad assemblies managed to escape from the drum, without the drum coming off, HOW?



grumps said...

There's a spring that holds the two shoes together around the inside of the drum. If the spring breaks the shoes can come out around the axle pretty easily.

Dad29 said...


In automobiles, there's a backing-plate which would prevent those shoes from exiting the drum.