Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Secret Files in Chicago

Well, ain't THIS interesting.

Seems that a reporter for NRO was denied access to 132 boxes of internal documents from the Annenberg Challenge project--which had on its roster one Barack Obama (as Chairman) and one Bill Ayers (as Founder). You remember Ayers--the domestic terrorist-Weather Underground/mild-mannered college professor who is the latter-day incarnation of Jekyll and Hyde.

NRO's Stanley Kurtz had been granted access to review 132 boxes of internal documentation from the Chicago Annenburg Challenge at the Richard J. Daley Library, only to have that access barred.

Kurtz seems to think Bill Ayers might be behind blocking access to these documents. It rather makes you wonder what information those documents may hold.

Funny thing about all those records which are off-limits and/or disappear. They are all connected to Democrat candidates.

Maybe they'll show up in the White House parlor about 3 years from now.

HT: Confederate Yankee

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