Saturday, August 30, 2008

Andra moi ennepe, mousa, poloutropon, 'os mala

Maybe 3 of you will recognize the title line (and using English letters to imitate the Ionic didn't help, did it?)

Well, you can have the translation from IowaHawk, who does a DAMN good job with Homer.


Bernard Brandt said...

Considering that the first line of Homer's Iliad begins as follows:

Menin aeide, Thea, Peleliadeo Achilleos

It follows that the quoted line must be the first line of the Odyssey

On the other hand, though, thanks for the reference to Iowahawk, who has done a masterful job of lampooning Obamacles.

Dad29 said...

Yes, it is the Odyssey. "Tell me, of the man...o Muse," etc.