Monday, August 18, 2008

The Fighting Irish

Although this Bishop is retiring from an English Diocese, his name seems Irish.

And he doesn't mince words about the English Bishops' Conference (analogous to the USCC) nor about his fellow Bishops' failures of courage.

The Bishop of Lancaster, the Rt Rev Patrick O'Donoghue, will mark his retirement this month with a review of the state of the Catholic Church that strongly criticises the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales for its "divergent views" and failure to uphold Church teaching on same-sex couples.

The bishop, who recently deplored the state of Catholic education in a teaching document, says his colleagues seemed "surprised" that he had spoken out in defence of traditional values

The Conference's statements, says Bishop O'Donoghue, tend to be "flat and safe at a time when we need passionate and courageous public statements that dare to speak the full truth in love".

Gee. Here in the USA, we have Bishops who fail to teach on chemical-abortion "birth control" pills, and who fizzle-wizzle on voting for such cretins as Obama.

One wonders if Bp. O'Donoghue might wish to take up a few duties in the USA after his retirement.

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