Friday, August 22, 2008

Fascism's Progress: California

The California Supremes are good for one thing, anyway.

They illuminate the path of fascism.

First we had their arrogant overthrow of California law banning same-sex "marriage."

Now we have their arrogant overthrow of conscience.

Physician’s groups, religious rights attorneys, and pro-life groups say a California Supreme Court decision issued Monday takes away the right of doctors not to violate their own consciences – and they vow to fight it.

“It really is as if California has banned its citizens from having moral consciences,” said Gary McCaleb, senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), a conservative group. The ADF is defending two San Diego-area Christian doctors who the court said were required to artificially inseminate a lesbian, even though doing so would have violated their religious beliefs.

...In the unanimous decision, Justice Joyce Kennard wrote: “Do the rights of religious freedom and free speech, as guaranteed in both the federal and the California Constitutions, exempt a medical clinic’s physicians from complying with the California Unruh Civil Rights Act’s prohibition against discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation? Our answer is no.”

The docs in the case are consistent:

Benitez alleged that the doctors refused because she is a lesbian. The physicians deny the allegation, saying they don’t inseminate any unmarried women

One suspects that SCOTUS will be more concerned about the First Amendment.


Anonymous said...

The press accounts I have read about this story all fail to note something that is glaringly obvious to me, but apparently to no one else.

What right-thinking physician is willing to perform artificial procreation on strait people but not gay people?

I mean, isn't the UNNATURAL part of in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination equally UNNATURAL if it's done for strait people?

The moral problem here is not these lesbians'. It's a physician who is willing to make babies in petri dishes and kill the ugly embryos for strait couples. Why is there objection if the surviving babies are brought to term by a couple of dykes?

Dad29 said...

You started out very well...

First off, the Catholic Church condemns in vitro, period. Your logic is impeccable.

Of course, many physicians do it, because it happens to be VERY lucrative.

In the specific case, I don't know whether the MD's do IVFert for married straights. They do NOT do it for un-married people, of any persuasion.