Friday, August 22, 2008

DNR: "Screw You!" to Lawmakers, Doyle Fine with That

The "Damn Near Russia" part of Wisconsin government is doing its namesake-dance.

The Republican-controlled Assembly Natural Resources Committee voted 7-6 after an all-day hearing to object to the rules unless the state Department of Natural Resources erases reduction goals for other pollutants and prepares a full-scale study of the rules' economic impact.

The vote likely won't stop the rules from becoming reality as they're currently written, though.

DNR Secretary Pat Henderson said the agency won't comply with the committee's request.

That's because Pat Henderson, "public servant," is backed 100% by DarthDoyle, who is bound and determined to crush Wisconsin business.


Because Wisconsin business exercises 1st Amendment rights during elections. And because an economic impact study would demonstrate that the DNR's mandate would impose a disastrous indirect-tax increase in electric rates.

Think that the fall of the Soviet Union was final?

Think again.

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