Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Independent Businessman

I've spent several very enjoyable hours with AB, and have heard more similar stories, so I think when he talks about Big Pilot here, he's not making this up. Big Pilot runs a charter service with a VERRRRY nice jet plane, and is listed in the phone book. So now and then he gets phone calls about possible charters. Hereafter, BP= AB's pal, SC= Silly Customer

BP….Hello, Big Pilot Charters, Big Pilot speaking.
SC….I’d like to know if you can fly me and three others from xxxx to Denver on 8/24?BP….You’re lucky, I have just had a cancellation and can take you. Do you need a return flight?SC….Well, yes we do, on Sunday, August, 31.
BP….OK…now, you understand that I have to charge a “relocation fee” since I have to fly to your city to pick you up. Is that OK with you?
SC….Ummmm…..OK, I can see that. I’m going to the Democratic Convention, can you give us a discount?
BP….Fuck You. {CLICK}

Even if AB does NOT have 'the tape' he references, that's probably verbatim.

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