Friday, August 29, 2008

Only in Madistan...


Madison police would no longer be allowed to fine the homeless for public urination and sleeping in parks under ordinance changes to be introduced soon by Ald. Brenda Konkel.

With limited shelter space and no new city programs for the homeless population coming down the pipe in 2009, Konkel said the ordinance changes she will introduce at a City Council meeting in September are intended to spark a discussion about how the city treats the homeless


Under the equal-treatment laws, why only "the homeless?"

HT: Scoffer


Anonymous said...

Just another examples of liberals having no clue and really, how they have so little compassion for the homeless. Instead of making the homeless more of a human being by having them to conform to society's norm, they make them more ostercisized in the community. Instead of teaching how to behave properly in the community, they encourage immoral behavior. But that is the typicaly liberal mindset- hold no one to any standards.

Amy said...

How gross is that.

I used to love going to Madison - liberalism run amok and all.

Have to think twice about that from now on.

Anonymous said...

Just like with homosexuality through the last 30 years going from "just accept us" to "We deserve the right to marry" so goes the "rights" of street bums, aka homeless.

Soon this will be acceptable in Madistan.