Monday, August 25, 2008

Bike Paths: Environmental Danger

Planet Moron discusses the enviro-dangers of a proposed bike path in Maryland. Seems to me that they are universally applicable to bike-paths.

--We’re not just talking about a simple old-fashioned bike trail as it must be built to accommodate increasing numbers of middle-aged mothers and their fertility drug induced triplets in massive three-across jogging strollers, packed with diaper bags, sippy cups and gray-market prescriptions for Vicodin.

--Wrecked bikes could end up littering the sides of the trail as Washingtonians accustomed to driving their cars
attempt to send text messages, fix their hair, heat up a burrito, make obscene gestures to fellow riders, and peddle all at the same time.

--Two words: Powerbar Wrappers.

--You think hybrid drivers produce excessive levels of smug?

--No, seriously, have you
seen Barack Obama in a bicycle helmet?

Enough to scare me...

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