Saturday, August 23, 2008

Typical Democrat Fiscal Policy

Real-life is different from Gummint, Obama. In real-life, you don't have people with guns taking money for your whims.

Yesterday... Obama’s campaign abruptly suspended their advertising in several red states, including Georgia, which Team Obama had specifically spotlighted earlier as a possible takeaway

...Obama also has a fundraising problem, which seems counterintuitive for a campaign that had two $50 million months in a row. Unfortunately, they’re burning through their cash a lot faster than McCain, and with a lot less impact

In Gummint, burn-rate is irrelevant. One simply raises taxes (or issues bonds) and sends nasty folks to collect the money at gunpoint. In real-life, money ain't so easy to come by--especially if you're pissing it away faster than the competition.

The obvious solution? Promise "first-knowledge" of, say, your VP selection to obtain a million email addresses--for fund-raising purposes.

HT: HotAir

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