Friday, August 22, 2008

Doyle, Putin, Epic Systems, Wiley

Sykes posts a very, very insight-laden email.

...none of these attacks on WMC is coincidence. This attack, Louis Butler's, and all the other "WMC is the problem" voices out there are being orchestrated by Jim Doyle, who is still wanting to make WMC pay for not supporting him last election. He can't tube their legislative agenda is indeed good for Wisconsin's economy and even he knows it. So instead, he's trying to make the Board go squishy, can effective staff, and neuter the group's influence. He's not kidding around.

Second, businesses better wake up...This is an organization you join to fight aggressively for your rights as a business person, to improve our competitiveness and wealth in the real world (not the tax subsidized fantasy land that the John Wiley's of the world live in), and to be the one voice of the folks pulling the cart standing up against the many voices of the folks riding in the cart. This is a real battle. Jim Doyle is dead serious. ...

The reason I happen to think this is 'insightful' is this: it lines up precisely with what's being said, openly, about the approval of the Wisconsin Climate Report. Parties who did NOT approve the report and parties who DID approve the report reported that they were under 'enormous pressure' to approve.

And I mentioned that Doyle's DNR has told the Legislature to stuff it where the sun doesn't shine, and that they are simply going to force utilities to spend hundreds of millions on new "cleaner" mercury-removing technologies--which will squeeze businesses even more.

That's Doyle showing us what makes him just like KGB Colonel Putin. The difference? Doyle didn't use tanks and bullets to kill off the opposition. He's just using serious regulatory pressure, boycotting (in the case of Epic Systems), and unhinged rants from officially "respectable" folks.

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