Friday, August 22, 2008

Feds' War on Guns Continues

Let's face the facts. The Second Amendment was not written for hunters. And it was not written exclusively to protect the right to self-defense.

It was written to allow citizens to overthrow the Government, if necessary.

But just because there IS a Second Amendment doesn't mean that the Government has to like it. After all, they recognize threats to their personal comforts and authority.

So--one simply eviscerates the 2A by other means.

ATF gets that, and re-defines "manufacture" of guns, thus opening the door to simply shutting down the industry which manufactures guns.

Comments an attorney who is very familiar with the issues:

How they reconcile with the GCA 68 definition of firearm as the receiver (so that manufacture = making the receiver) is beyond me. By their definition, a person who assembles receivers to other components is also a manufacturer, as is a gunsmith who regularly sporterizes military guns into hunting rifles

That's the point, of course.

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