Sunday, August 31, 2008

Politics Is Hot!!

Ordinarily my long-suffering wife is perfectly happy to leave politics to me, which is natural. Men are simply more inclined to discuss politics than are women, who have much more important things to do--like raise children, watch budgets, and look for Christmas gifts for family members year-round.

But now and then, the 'politics is Hot!' button gets pressed. Don't ask me what triggers it, because I don't have an answer.

There were two previous occasions--not even (strictly speaking) "political"--when the love of my life went bonzo, watching every available moment of coverage. The first was the Clarence Thomas hearings. The next was Reagan's funeral.

Now the Palin nomination. The Beloved has watched about every minute of coverage available on Fox, NBC, and ABC. And she has become zealous about it, to the extent that she will not tolerate any cynicism from me. Period. For that matter, she's not encouraging positive remarks, either.

It's something she's simply going to absorb, completely, with no input from me or anyone else in the family.



Headless Blogger said...

Step aside old man, politics is not just your domain anymore.

Stick to what you know. You are allowed to comment on Gov. Palin's choice of hunting rifle and fishing line test weight.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

My entire family, who usually avoids the policital realm at all costs, is talking about the Palin pick. My eldest daughter (college attendee) is sopping it up like a Bounty commercial depiction! I now have three people in my household who are planning to run to the nearest Republican Party HQ and volunteer some time.

Though many are saying the VP pick does not matter in the long run, I say - WRONG!

(And I raise these children, make the dinner, buy the Christmas gifts and work, too...)

GOR said...

"...with no input from me..."

Which sounds a little like: "When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you!"

Yes, the Palin choice is energizing our household also. Seems like I'll need some large yard signs soon...

Phelony Jones said...

Tell her she is welcome to come over for Ceylon tea and chocolate wafer cake. Although she might have to snag the cable box and bring it over...

Anonymous said...

Palin has the right wingnuts literally peeing in their pants. Accordingly, McCain now has the wingnut portion of the Republican Party in his camp. Whether or not this will translate into votes from non-wingnut women remains to be seen.

This was either a brilliant move on McCain's part or an idiotic move. It's too early to tell.

Dad29 said...

Anony, I did NOT pee my pants.

And McCain had 'the wingnuts' in his camp all along. You REALLY think 'wingnuts' woulda voted a Chicago ward-heeler with-a-degree-from-Harvard?

I think McCain will pull a few marginal points on the 'women' vote--but not a lot.

What McCain DID do was knock the Ward Heeler and Sancho back a few steps--which is just fine with McCain.

Jeff Miller said...

Hate to use the cliche that the Palin nomination was a "game changer" but it is true. Not only have us social conservatives stood up and taken notice, but many in America are doing the same.

I can hardly wait for the Palin-Biden debate! Comparing the two acceptance speeches is quite amazing. Palin was gracious to women who went before her with no attacks on the other Party, while Biden was obnoxious and all about attacks.

Sarah Palin - change you can "actually" believe in.

Anonymous said...

It's like this ... Obama camp couldn't be more pleased with the flurry of upset over the background and current happenings of the Palin issues. The news media is focused thoroughly on the Palin ... not about her politics .. but about her character, or lack thereof.